20th Polish-American Conference on Science and Technology

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20th Polish American Conference on Science and Technology

Ladies and Gentlemen, It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the 20th Polish-American Conference on Science and Technology. I am pleased and honored to be a second time chairman of these conferences.
For 20 years, these conferences have been a platform of exchange of ideas in the many field of technologies especially of aerospace high technologies between Poland and the United States.
During this time, members of Polish and American academia, industry and government had a place to meet and discuss the most recent developments in aerospace and new and promising areas of research and development.
It is my hope that, despite the online format imposed by the global pandemic situation, this 20th Jubilee edition will live up to the high standards of the Conference over the years.
I welcome our distinguished guests and colleagues from the United States, particularly from the Ohio State University, the co-organizer of this conference; I welcome representatives of the Polish Government and its many agencies, both military and civilian; I extend a particularly warm welcome to all the directors from the Łukasiewicz Research Network, of which the Institute of Aviation is a proud member since its creation two years ago.
I warmly welcome prof. Mike Benzakein co-organizer of this conference and Professor Witold Wiśniowski, who for many years was the director of the Institute of Aviation and the co-organizer of these conferences.

Before we begin the first session, we will have the pleasure of hearing addresses by several distinguished speakers.

Roman Domański

From editors

Dear Guests and conference participants, in this study we would like to present the papers and addresses of our guests presented at the 20th Polish-American jubilee conference in the Łukasiewicz Research Network - Institute of Aviation.
This conference, as can be seen from the numbers, has a very long tradition, it is over 20 years of cooperation between research units and American and Polish academies in various areas of technical knowledge and application of this knowledge in practice. Over the years, the conference underwent significant changes and covered a very diverse subject matter and many research institutions, universities and government institutions.
Over the years the annual Polish – American Conference of Science and Technology has earned recognition of highly professional and inspiration event. It became an integral part of our bilateral Polish - American dialogue. The 1-st Polish – American Defense Industry Conference took please in March 2002 in Washington, D.C. The 10-th Jubilee Polish-American Conference on Science and Technology was held in December 2009 at US National Academies headquarters in Washington, D.C. The subsequent conferences were hosted alternately between Washington, D.C, Warsaw, and Columbus, Ohio. Recently, it has been closely associated with 2 institutions - Ohio State University and the Institute of Aviation.
Due to the pandemic period, the 20th conference is held remotely, the 19th conference was held in the United States, and the materials from that conference were published in electronic form. The current conference, despite the difficulties and postponing it for a year, is to continue and confirm the real cooperation between our organizations and countries. As publishers, we hope that the materials presented, including the addresses and speeches of our honorable conference guests and the 17 papers presented in this study, will allow to deepen the knowledge in the areas of modern aviation technologies, energy conversion and storage and propulsion systems. Science does not stand still, and despite the pandemic, we conduct research in these fields. More than 130 participants have been registered in the conference.
We would like to thank the conference participants for preparing and delivering papers and at the same time invite them to participate in the next 21 conference which we strongly believe will take place without pandemic restrictions.

Roman Domański
Paweł Stężycki

Introduction from Professor Mike Benzakein

To all our friends on both side of the Atlantic, I was asked by Professor Domański to write a few words about our Polish American Conference on Science and Technology. About 15 years ago I was asked by President Gee, then president of The Ohio State University to visit the Institute of Aviation in Warsaw. President Gee told me that the Institute was indeed involved in some interesting research. So I came to visit. The visit was a revelation. I found that indeed the Institute was involved in many research fields of high interest. It enabled me also to create a number of real lasting friendships.
A few words first about the conference. Its purpose is to bring together scientists and engineers. It gives them the opportunity to discuss their respective work and accomplishments. It has indeed spawned a number of key activities of mutual interests. I shall just name a couple:
• We have now a Joint PhD program. Sofar we have graduated 3 PhD’s and we will graduate a 4th one this fall. This work has covered multiple fields…Engine airplane, engine integration, Aerodynamics, Aircraft Electric Propulsion, etc. This cooperative work has brought indeed our staffs together in meaningful relationships.
• We created an undergraduate student internship program…Every year, 4 to 5 Ohio State engineering students spend 3 months at the institute working in the labs. Great cooperative effort.

For the Ohio State students it gives them the opportunity to visit Europe. They take advantage of it as they are travelling with a Europass over the weekends and visit 4 to 5 countries. A tremendous opportunity for all of them before returning to the United States.
Going forward we are working to develop a few more research programs on subject of mutual interest. In summary we are looking forward to further cooperation based on trust and respect.

Dr M. J. Benzakein.

Welcome Address and Opening Session

    1. 95th Anniversary of Łukasiewicz-Institute of Aviation - Director Paweł Stężycki - Łukasiewicz-Institute of Aviation
    2. 20th Anniversary of the Polish-American Conference on Science and Technology Professor Mike Benzakein - Ohio State University
    3. Marcin Kraska - Vice President of Łukasiewicz Research Network for Research and Development
    4. Neil Pickett - Deputy Senior Commercial Officer, U.S. Embassy
    5. Marian Lubieniecki - Chairman of the Management Board, Managing Director, GE Aviation

    - Paweł Stężycki
    - Mike Benzakein
    - Marcin Kraska
    - Neil Pickett
    - Marian Lubieniecki