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20th Polish-American Conference on Science and Technology

Conference Chairman: Professor Roman Domański 

Session 1

Moderated by Professor Krzysztof Szafran

    1.1. Hybrid Energy System. Energy Conversion and Storage - Professor Roman Domański - Łukasiewicz-Institute of Aviation
    1.2. Impact of pandemic on Engineering at Ohio State, past and future - Dr. Rachel Kleit, Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs at OSU
    1.3. Technology demonstrators of small UAVs designed and developed in the Institute of Aviation Technology of the Military Univeristy of Technology - Dr. Eng. Robert Rogólski - WAT - Military University of Technology
    1.4. Center of Automotive Research - Dr. Marcello Canova and Dr. Matilda D’Arpino, Professors at OSU

    - Krzysztof Szafran
    - Roman Domański
    - Rachel Kleit
    - Robert Rogólski
    - Marcello Canova and Matilda D’Arpino

Session 2

Moderated by Professor Grzegorz Socha

    2.1. Cooling Problems for Heavy Loaded Electric Engines - Jakub Kapusciński - Łukasiewicz-Institute of Aviation
    2.2. Center of High Power Electronics - Dr. Jin Wang & Julia Zhang, Professors at OSU
    2.3. Electric VTOL lightweight power distribution system (EPDS) - Andrzej Tarnowski - PW - Warszaw University of Technology
    2.4. Space Programs - Dr. John Horack, Senior Associate Dean at OSU

    - Grzegorz Socha
    - Jakub Kapusciński
    - Jin Wang & Julia Zhang
    - Andrzej Tarnowski
    - John Horack

Session 3

Moderated by Professor Andrzej Leski

    3.1. OSU Students Yearly Program at the Institute of Aviation - Ms. Heather Spisak, Executive Assistant in Aerospace & Aviation Research (OSU)
    3.2. Local stall regions investigation in the BLI turbofan engine - Grzegorz Krysztofiak - Łukasiewicz-Institute of Aviation
    3.3. NASA University Led Initiative “ Electric Propulsion, Challenges and Opportunities” - Dr. Mike Benzakein, AVP Aerospace & Aviation Research at OSU
    3.4. Approach to in-situ diagostic of aircrafts and unnmanned aerialsystems with the embedded sensors and advanced signal processing - Professor Krzysztof Dragan - ITWL - Air Force Institute of Technology

    - Andrzej Leski
    - Heather Spisak
    - Grzegorz Krysztofiak
    - Mike Benzakein
    - Krzysztof Dragan

Session 4

Moderated by Dr. Eng. Adam Okniński

    4.1. Thermal Management for Electric Machines - Dr. Patrick McCluskey, Professor at the University of Maryland
    4.2. Development of Competences in the Area of Rocket Technologies Based on the ILR-33 AMBER 2K Project - Michał Pakosz - Łukasiewicz-Institute of Aviation
    4.3. Engine Airplane Integration - Dr. Anna Misley, Post-Doc at OSU
    4.4. Development of off-line phosphor thermometry for rocket engines - principles and progress - Wit Stryczniewicz - Łukasiewicz-Institute of Aviation
    4.5. The instrumentation of the missions to the outer Solar System ocean worlds – sources of astrobiological data and challenges in the future development - Jan Kotlarz - Łukasiewicz-Institute of Aviation
    4.6. Closing remarks

    - Adam Okniński
    - Patrick McCluskey
    - Michał Pakosz
    - Anna Misley
    - Wit Stryczniewicz
    - Jan Kotlarz