19th Polish-American Conference on Science and Technology

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Welcome Remarks

19th Polish American Conference on Science and Technology

The 19th Polish American Conference on Science and Technology was held on April 16th & 17th 2019 at the Blackwell Inn and Pfhal Conference Center at The Ohio State University. It was organized along 2 major themes 1) Manufacturing and 2) UAV’s/PAV’s. The conference was opened by Dr. Morley Stone, Vice President of Research at The Ohio State University, Dr. Paweł Stężycki, Director of the Institute of Aviation and Dr. Mike Benzakein, Assistant Vice President of Aerospace and Aviation Research at The Ohio State University.

The first day was dedicated to manufacturing. The first session entailed a number of presentations on composites by Polish and U.S. participants. Good exchange of technologies, ideas and plans. The second session of the morning was dedicated to advanced manufacturing with presentations of both the U.S. and Poland. At lunch we had the pleasure of having Mr. Piotr Kosmulski, Program Manager of Military Programs at SAFRAN. Great insight in the development of electric components at SAFRAN over half of the century.

The afternoon was dedicated to more presentations and discussions on manufacturing technologies with the contribution of the University of Cincinnati. At the end of the afternoon, the conference was moved to the New Albany Country Club for cocktails and dinner. Here we welcomed the keynote address of Miroslaw Sobaniec, Chief Consulting Engineer GE Aviation at the EDC in Poland. He discussed a comprehensive engine overview on additive content and federated Europe engineering team structure for catalyst engine & growth capability.

The second day started at The Ohio State University Airport. Here the guests were provided a tour of the new terminal as well as a demonstration of a UAV by Dr. Matt McCrink, faculty research scientist of The Ohio State University. The group returned to the Blackwell Inn on The Ohio State Campus. The keynote speaker for lunch was Dr. Ajay K. Misra, Deputy Director of the Research and Engineering Directorate at NASA Glenn Research Center. He discussed Energy Storage for Electrified Aircraft, Challenges and Opportunities. Good and interesting perspectives.

The end of the afternoon was dedicated entirely to the discussion of electric machines and electric transportation with nice presentations by the Institute of Aviation and The Ohio State University.

The conference was closed by Dr. Benzakein and Dr. Paweł Stężycki.

In summary, the conference presented good opportunities for the Institute of Aviation and The Ohio State University to exchange thoughts and perspectives for the future. Good interaction between faculty and on technologies and perspective collaboration plans.

Dr M.J. Benzakein, The Ohio State University

From editors

The rapid development of aviation and space technologies and the enormous progress in processes of numerical simulation require a constant exchange of experience between national and international research teams. The Polish-American conferences in the field of science and technology creates a platform for such cooperation in the field of science and personnel competency growth.

Dear participants of the 19th Polish-American Conference on Science and Technology, dear readers. We are pleased to present in an electronic form the papers presented at the conference. Their content allowed the participants of the conference to deepen their theoretical and practical knowledge of new technologies and new research methods. The conference is a continuation of many years of successful Polish-American cooperation in many disciplines of science. We would like to thank the organizers of the conference from the Ohio State University for the perfect preparation of this scientific meeting. We look forward to organizing the next 20th conference in close cooperation with our American partners at the Lukasiewicz Research Network - Institute of Aviation in Warsaw in year 2020.

Roman Domański
Paweł Stężycki


The Institute of Aviation

The Łukasiewicz Research Network – Institute of Aviation provides the highest quality R&D services to local and global industrial partners from the aerospace sector. The Institute has 30 specialized laboratories, including the largest wind tunnel in Central and Eastern Europe. The main research areas of the Institute are design and testing of aircraft constructions; aircraft and missile engines; space and satellite propulsion; testing of composite materials; technologies of autonomy and safety of unmanned aircraft systems; aerodynamics; avionics and remote sensing.

The Ohio State University

The Ohio State University is a public research university with the central campus located in Columbus, Ohio. Originally founded in 1870 as a land-grant university, Ohio State is currently the third largest college campus in the United States. It has been designated the flagship institution of Ohio’s public universities by the newly centralized University System of Ohio. Research facilities include the Aerospace Research Center; the Center for Design and Manufacturing Excellence; home of the US Lightweight Modern Metals Institute; the Byrd Polar Research Center; Center for Automotive Research (Ohio State CAR); Chadwick Arboretum; Biological Research Tower; Electroscience Laboratory; Large Binocular Telescope (LBT, originally named the Columbus Project); Mershon Center for International Security Studies; Stone Laboratory on Gibraltar Island, Ohio; and Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center. Ohio State has nearly 500,000 living alumni located around the world, and its graduates include Nobel Prize, Pulitzer Prize, and Medal of Honor recipients, ambassadors, Fortune 500 CEOs, and members of the Forbes 400 list of the world’s wealthiest individuals.