Mikołaj Jarkowski

Institute of Aviation

Mikolaj Jarkowski graduated from Warsaw University of Technology, department of Power and Aeronautical Engineering in 2007. Following his master study, he pursued a Ph. D. study at the University of Liverpool, England. His work focused on numerical methods for rotorcraft simulation and was finalized in early 2014, when he defended his thesis: Overset Grid Methods for Rotorcraft CFD. During his Ph. D., he was engaged in a close cooperation with Agusta Westland Company and took part in research programs like: Rotor Technology Validation Program (RTVP) and Active Rotor 2020. In 2014 Mikolaj Jarkowski accepted the position at ILOT Engineering Design Center, working for GE, Thermal System Design on secondary flow solutions for GE fielded commercial fleet. In 2016 he accepted the position of the Head of Aerodynamics at ILOT, where he works till now.