Hybrid propulsions

Analysis of operation of the hybrid power supply system of the Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) – energy management

The aim of the research is to design a mathematical model and the implementation of efficient numerical methods and carrying out computer simulations of the energy system for the selected power sources including low temperature, miniature stack of PEM fuel cells and various electroenergetic elements of low-power systems operating under varying ambient conditions. Because of the nonlinear behavior and the complexity of the phenomena occurring in hybrid systems analytical solutions are not sufficient, therefore, numerical methods will be applied. These methods rely mostly on describing a given system using equations, mathematical modeling, and analyzing its dynamics in time by tasking of initial conditions and simulate it. To analyze the impact of changing environmental conditions on the overall power system architecture with a stack of PEM fuel cells and for modeling and simulation of processes occurring in hybrid systems and subsystems will be used a mathematical model and numerical simulations to be developed using software MATLAB® / Simulink. In the project the TRNSYS software will be also used.


The benefits of using a computer program in the process of designing a system consist of shortening this time by using the model to the initial adjustment, modification and change working conditions of the system and reduce the cost of the experiment without disruptions, that are possible to occur in a real research station. The results will be used to understand the behavior of the system under different operating conditions as well as the development and design research simulation model-based methodology. The result of the work will be to evaluate the applicability of hybrid power systems in aviation (micro UAV) and aerospace and base to conduct experimental research. The project results will provide scientific input for further research on the technology of hybrid power systems for unmanned aircraft. The model can be a teaching tool for easier understanding of the physical and chemical phenomena occurring in the power system work with a stack of fuel cells.As part of the jobs will be created scientific presentations on international conferences devoted to issues of air supply systems as well as publications in reputable journals.

head of the project M.Sc. Eng. Anna Mazur
phone: +48 22 846 00 11 (835)

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