Spectral analyses

Test stand of spectral signature allows to determine NDVI, NDWI, NDII, MSI, LAI indicators and other for determining the health of organic material, water content, content of impurities, etc. Analyses carried out on the basis of images obtained using multisensor platform in several spectral bands. Analyses are also made directly during the flight, on the platform used for taking aerial photographs. The advantage of this solution is the ability to analyze the indicators already during image acquisition.

At the customer’s needs, we can defined determination algorithmics of the indicators and on its basis perform spectral analysis of the area or of the object.

We also design spectral indices maps from obtained aerial photographs or satellite selected area.

analiza spektralna2
On the basis of analyzes we can determine:

  • growing stress vs humidity
  • growing stress vs water content in the crumb
  • the content of chlorophyll in the leaves
  • water balance
  • measurement of dust
  • measurement of pollution
  • identification of the species

In addition, we conduct research in variation of reflectance using statistical methods of factor analysis (eg. PCA). Such studies allow to determine both differences in the surface coverage and the variation of the coating in that time, eg. during one cycle of vegetation. We conduct research on the application of factor analysis methods to determine the biodiversity of ecosystems including implementation methods of analysis of aerial photographs to calculate the biodiversity Shannon-Wiener and Simpson indicators. The studies also make attempts to estimate the intraspecific differentiation biomass.

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