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Institute of Aviation in Warsaw was established as a Technical Research Institute of Aviation in 1926, and had its share in trials of almost all Polish aircraft. Initially, the results of their work were presented in the Institute "IBTL Reports". After the war - since 1951 Institute of Aviation have been publishing Transactions of the Institute of Aviation, a scientific journal. In 2018 the journal changed its name to Transactions on Aerospace Research. We publish new, original articles written by our researchers and collaborating with the Institute, including those from abroad. Scope of the publication is closely related to the area of activity of the Institute, particularly with ongoing projects and work here, and organized scientific conferences. Articles are published in English. Before publishing all articles are reviewed. This website is an archive of articles, and here we present the journal in a new version.

Professor Zdobysław Goraj

Editor in Chief

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Scientific Publications Division
Al. Krakowska 110/114
02-256 Warsaw

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