Seaplanes in Siemianówka


The Cup of Central European Seaplane Models was held in Siemianówka on 26-29 May 2016.

For the tenth time the competition gathered a crew of model-making enthusiasts. For many years, professionals from neighboring countries (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia and Lithuania), and of course, the most numerous group from Poland have been coming to Siemianówka. This year the competition was attended by thirty crews equipped with fast machines powered by internal combustion engines and electrical systems. Taking off from the water surface, a fifteen-minute flight between pylons placed on the water and landing on the water with the approach to the shore. The organizers of the competition had to ensure the safety of players and spectators, and therefore the track was separated with nets, tapes and markers. The weather was good so the audience had a great show. Crashes and collisions provide the biggest attraction. The opening event involved local authorities, Bialystok Technical University and representatives of the Border Guard.

The Institute of Aviation was represented at the competition for the second time. At the request of the organizers the Director of the Institute of Aviation funded prizes for the players. Also hovercrafts from the Polish Hovercraft Club, which also advertised the Institute, were shown.


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