IT solutions

We create and provide proprietary IT solutions. One of the areas of our specialization is the creation of complete IT solutions, with particular emphasis on:

  • creation of applications that support modern management,
  • automation and optimization of processes in various branches of the economy.

Activities carried out in the area of new technologies from the IT sector build the capacity of enterprises and directly affect the level of development of the country.

IT solutions – scope of services

  • creation of Spatial Information Systems (SIS) and proprietary software for modern management and optimization of industrial processes;
  • creation, integration and calibration of modern image acquisition systems, taking into account multispectral techniques and the Internet of Things (IoT);
  • advanced algorithmics, integration and automatic processing of large data sets with particular emphasis on aerial and satellite photos:
    • creation of photogrammetric products,
    • land cover classification,
    • detection and identification of the objects;
  • measurement and provision of spectral signatures of the objects;
  • analysis of spectral curves;
  • extraction of information on biophysical parameters of the objects from spectral data;
  • advanced visualization of geodata with particular emphasis on 3D modeling and integration of vector, raster and descriptive data.

The Copernicus Masters award obtained by our scientists in 2017 in the Sustainable Development Challenge category is still the only such achievement obtained in the Polish scientific community. The award was granted for creating an innovative web and mobile application for precision farming.