Environmental Testing

Climatic tests

Mechanical tests

Tests in microgravity conditions

Thermal-vacuum chamber

Under the Accreditation of Testing Laboratory No. AB 132 for compliance with the requirements of PN-EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005, we conduct research in the field of resistance and strength to mechanical and climatic stresses tests and functional tests of products.

Due to significant development of the space sector in Poland, as well as projects implemented in the Łukasiewicz Research Network – Institute of Aviation, we have expanded our offer to include testing of products and solutions used in space structures – artificial satellites or rockets.

Our modern equipment allows us to perform a variety of tests in accordance with space standards or manufacturers’ guidelines, such as high acceleration vibration, temperature changes and reduced pressure. During tests it is also possible to use a portable clean room.

Environmental testing – range of services

  • Tests of resistance and strength to sinusoidal and random vibrations.
  • Mechanical impacts resistance and strength tests
  • Vibration resistance and strength tests in combination with temperature and/or relative humidity
  • Low and high temperature resistance tests
  • Tests of resistance to temperature cycling
  • Resistance to changes in temperature and atmospheric pressure testing
  • Resistance to condensation deposits (frost and dew) testing
  • Tests of resistance to increased humidity
  • Dust resistance testing
  • Corrosion resistance test (salt spray)
  • Precipitation resistance tests
  • Solar radiation resistance tests
  • Vacuum testing

We have the infrastructure to test the finished product in terms of mechanical and climatic testing after the production stage.