Composite Technologies Center

The mission of the Composite Technologies Center of the Institute of Aviation is to deliver composite material tests, new composite technology solutions for the aviation industry and the conduct of R&D projects.


Composite Technologies Center offers:

  • Impact tests for damage resistance – ASTM D7136
  • Physico-chemical tests for thermal expansion – ASTM E228
  • Physico-chemical tests for determining the glass transition temperature – ASTM D1640 and ASTM D7028
  • Strength tests:
    • Tension – ASTM 3039
    • Compression – ASTM D3410 and ASTM D6641
    • Open-hole compression – ASTM D6484
    • Open-hole tension – ASTM D6484
    • Compression after impact – ASTM D7137
    • Losipescu shear test – ASTM D5379
    • In-plane shear – ASTM D3518
    • Three-point bending – ASTM D790
    • Four-point bending – ASTM D7249
    • Flatwise tension – ASTM C297
    • Fracture toughness tests
  • Non-destructive tests:
    • Defect evaluation in monolithic composites
    • Defect evaluation in honeycomb structures
  • Static and dynamic numerical analysis of composite materials and structures
  • Research and development of failure criteria for composites
  • Damage tolerance evaluation
  • Composite aircraft structure certification process (AC 20-107B)
  • Development and implementation of composite technologies
  • Research on inverse problems in mechanics of materials
  • Planning and supervision of the research process
  • Development of complex research programmes and analysis of test results in the context of certification programmes
  • R&D project management
  • Coordination of research activities within project consortia

The Centre also offers specimen preparation for test purposes.

Director of Composite Technologies Center
Konrad Kozaczuk, MSc. Eng.
mobile: (+ 48) 512 025 853

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