Hands-On Course Aircraft Composite Repair


The intermediate level course has been designed to meet the requirements of a wide range of participants. The training is hands-on with elements of theory, designed for everyone who wants to expand their knowledge of repairing composite structures. It presents challenges related to the assessment and repair of composite objects, with particular emphasis on working with a professional and dedicated repair set of Leslie air tools and equipment for curing composite repairs (hot bonder, infrared lamp). The training gives the opportunity to improve the practical skills of repairing composite structures.


  • Technicians
  • Engineers
  • Inspectors
  • and all other people with basic experience of composite aircraft repairs


  • 5 days for 8 hours training
  • Up to 5 trainees
  • Single workstation
  • 4-5 repairs to be done by each trainee


  • Set of hand tools composite repair workshop LESLIE GMI Aero (consists of: routing tool and sanding tools for step and scarf repair),
  • Dust extraction DYNABRADE
  • Vacuum cleaner DYNABRADE
  • Hot Bonder HEATCON HCS9000B


  • Safety rules during training
  • Introduction to carbon composites
  • General steps for composite repair
  • Repair materials
  • Damaged material removal
  • Patch types
  • Bonding quality


  • Perform various repairs on a sandwich panel with full depth core replacement
  • Performing Skin-Core and solid structure, curve surface repair using pre-preg layup materials
  • Repairs in various forced positions (different accessibility to the repaired area)
  • Damage removal, by Scarf, step, sanding the damaged area
  • Repair by soft patch method
  • Curing the repair in an industrial oven, using a hot bonder and an infrared lamp.


At the end of the course the participants:

  • Will be able to work independently with minimum supervision
  • Will have knowledge of carbon prepreg and correct application of repair patches in accordance with the layer arrangement of the repaired element
  • Can work with hot bonding consoles and correctly perform cure of the repaired composite
  • Can work with infrared lamp and correctly perform cure of the repaired composite
  • Have the ability to prepare and install vacuum bags depending on the type of element to be repaired and the use of curing equipment
  • Have the ability of detection and evaluation of damage by tap-test method
  • Have the increase skills of damage composite structure repairs by use scarf and step technique
  • Have the ability to work with different position. Make of repairs witch is set in different location damage of composite structure (in front of, upper, down position)


The date of the training will be confirmed shortly.


2000 EURO


  • The price includes training materials in English, PPE, daily lunch and tea/coffee
  • Min. number of participants: 3
  • Max. number of participants: 5


Łukasiewicz Research Network – Institute of Aviation
Composite Technologies Center
Al. Krakowska 110/114, 02 -256 Warsaw
LS Building


Rafał Szymański
Mobile.: (0048) 796 656 156
E-mail: trainingrepair@ilot.lukasiewicz.gov.pl

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    Łukasiewicz Research Network – Institute of Aviation
    Al. Krakowska 110/114, 02 -256 Warsaw
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