The Łukasiewicz Research Network – Institute of Aviation has long organized science conferences, seminars and workshops as a vital part of its strategy, Research for The Future.

Conferences organized by the Institute focus on current developments in the aeronautical market and technology and science in general. The conferences bring together leading companies, technical universities and scientific establishments actively engaged in aeronautics.

Apart from national conferences, there are also international events organize. They are attended by specialists from all over the world, and which research outcomes and scientific analyses are presented. Conference topics include: flight technologies, fatigue of aircraft structures, aircraft noise, small aircraft, military helicopters, civil aviation, rescue aircraft etc.

Conferences often bridge issues between the aviation, the energy sector, medicine, space technologies, telecommunications, manage-ment and finance.

Conferences aim at sharing experience and initiating cooperation at a national and international level.

Conferences are supported by the publication of conference proceedings in the form of either separate or collective publications. Conferences organized on a regular basis run their own websites.

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