„Reaching the clouds” – a charity auction of the Association “Sercem Malowane” and the Institute of Aviation will be held from 1st till 14th April 2016. As a part of the event there will be launched an online auction of the original illustrations to the jubilee calendar and other works of art. All the proceeds from the sale of the works will go to financing an aviation holiday for underprivileged children that have proven to be highly motivated and committed to their learning.

An online auction will be held at: (English version provided).

If you want to take part in our auction please read a guide how to buy on Allegro.

The event is a part of the celebrations of the Institute of Aviation 90th jubilee and is held under the Honorary Patronage of the President of the Republic of Poland Andrzej Duda.

We encourage all private persons as well as institutions to bid at our auction. You can also spread information about the auction via our Facebook event site!

Download information about the auctions in PDF file (4,40 MB).



Kinga Britschgi   >>SEE THE AUCTION<<  SOLD!

Kinga Britschgi is a Hungarian artist who has been living in the United States since August 1995 with her American husband and son. Apart from her wonderful family, she has two big passions in life: art and linguistics (and teaching both). Although she does have a degree in fine arts, she started her career as a language teacher (so much so, that she got her Master’s Degree in Bilingual Education). Nowadays, she tends to navigate more and more towards art. Kinga got involved with digital art a long time ago; she has been working with Photoshop and other Adobe products more seriously since 2002. Because her art degree is in graphic design, she creates lots of commercial graphics (brochures, posters, flyers, rack-cards, invitations, CD- and book-covers, etc) for clients, which she enjoys a lot. Kinga’s works are regularly published in industry standard and other magazines (Advanced Photoshop, Photoshop Creative, Practical Photoshop, Digital Studio), and in 2013, Adobe chose one of her images as part of their official marketing campaign for their new Creative Cloud project. The image (Midsummer Night – Titania) was used on Adobe’s website, posters and magazine ads. She also has works published in books on digital art. As for Kinga’s digital fine art pieces, she loves surrealism, magical realism and dark whimsy. She almost always creates “story-pictures”: mostly figurative pieces (pictures with seemingly realistic elements in them), which in the end often result in surrealistic, mysterious images with lots of layers of meanings to interpret them.

Pauline Byrne   >>BID NOW<<

Pauline Byrne studied fine art at the National College of Art & Design in Dublin, her main subjects being figure drawing, portraiture, sculpture and painting. Her work has appeared in numerous group exhibits and in 1979 and 1996 her work was featured in solo shows. Pauline has privately visited art galleries in several continents, and during her college years she was active in organizing group student visits, approved by the National College of Art & Design, to continental European exhibitions. She sat exams for The Art Teacher’s Certificate.

Maria Florencia Capella   >>SEE THE AUCTION<<  SOLD!

Argentine illustrator based in Buenos Aires. She graduated as a graphic designer at the University of Buenos Aires, where she currently works as a teaching assistant in the Department of Illustration. She also develops her own projects and has been working as a freelance illustrator since 2008. She has been selected for the Bologna Children’s Book Fair 2015. She has taken several art and illustration courses and has participated in a Residency in the School of Visual Art SVA NYC, called “Illustration and visual storytelling.” Drawing is her way of being in the world. She devotes a great deal of my time doing research on the historical modes of representation in different societies. The environment of everyday life sparks off her creativity. These two aspects, together with her love for colour, define her works.

Toni Carbos   >>SEE THE AUCTION<<  SOLD!

Toni Carbos was born in Sant Boi de Llobregat, a city close to Barcelona. He began his career early, working as inker in independent magazines. But he decided to change and do all the parts of the process: drawing, inks and color. He won many prizes in Spain and draw his own graphic novels. He works always with the great writer Javier Cosnava. He published many works in Spain as “Mi Heroína” (My heroin), “Un buen hombre” (A good man), “Prisionero in Mauthausen” (Prisoner in Mauthausen) and France, as “Monsieur Levine, l’homme qui rêvait un loup blanc” (Monsieur Levine, the man who dreamed with wolfes). He is very interested in the digital formats, and he has illustrated the e-book “Humanomaquia”, selled in Amazon. Actually he is adapting a French best-seller to comic book. It’s a thriller in Lapland.

Maria Castro >>SEE THE AUCTION<<  SOLD!

I am an artist which was born in Switzerland in 1973. I studied in EAA CIFOM in the Jewerly specialty. I focus on abstract paintings and photography, but my versatile personality and an endless curiosity lead me to try different styles and techniques. Oil painting, acrylic, varnish, gold paper, collages either with paper, metal or organic matter, like soil and pigments, are my most commonly used elements and those which I mostly prefer. My inspiration comes from nature, the passage of time, and the colors I use change with the season. The universe is also a recurrent theme in my portfolio, represented in a naïf or poetic fashion. I usually paint intuitively, without a sketch often times and, therefore, the final result uses to be a surprise, even for myself! Sometimes I try to unleash from the academic painting and return to painting as children do, just for pure fun and pleasure. Other times, intuition combines with a more reflexive and conceptual part of myself and I try to recall positive emotions by combining colors and pursuing harmony and beauty.”Open your eyes and find the beauty all around you” Yes, this could be one of my leitmotivs.

Małgorzata Flis




She studied at the Graphics Faculty of the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow. She learnt painting and drawing in the workshop of Zbysław Maciejewski. She was awarded a diploma with distinction from the Books Studio in 1985. She paints and exhibits her oil paintings, pastels and watercolours inspired by music, movement and rhythm. She creates illustrations for children’s books, textbooks and music publishers using traditional techniques like watercolour, gouache and pastels. A designer of books, CD’s and magazines. She lives and works in Cracow.

Vicente Herrero Heca   >>BID NOW<<

Vicente Herrero Heca is a Spanish artist, a director of Eka & Moor Art Gallery in Madrid. He graduated Universidad Politécnica de Valencia in Fine Arts. He also studied at the Brooklyn Museum Art School in New York and Escuela Superior de Bellas Artes of San Carlos in Valencia. His works are exhibited in Canada, New York, Dominican Republic and Mallorca. In his paintings he contemplate seemingly inanimate objects – glass marbles, wrinkled paper, small pebbles, and other items forming strange portraits that evoke a whole existence, all on a flat background that contrasts with their delicate texture painted in hyperrealistic style. This contrast between a flat surface and other textures is particularly strong when he paint paper or creased material, thus dividing the painting into two completely delimited areas, giving an aesthetic and modern outlook on the meaning of man’s duality, the yin and yang, positive and negative. The sphere or glass marble found in nearly all his paintings represents the nexus that links the elements of the whole work and symbolizes the human being. Each viewer, studying the meaning of these object-symbols in depth, will discover and decipher the message in a personal way, different from the artist’s, therefore transforming the spectator into a creator.

Aleksandra Kucharska-Cybuch   >>BID NOW<<  SOLD!

Graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow, she is active in the area of drawing, illustration, graphics and stage design. She has taken part in numerous collective and solo exhibitions both within the country and abroad. Individually, she has presented her oeuvres in the Polish Embassy in The Hague, in Amsterdam, Maastricht or in the Polish Institute in Bratislava. She has participated in the International Biennial of Illustrations in Bratislava (BIB) on several occasions, also in 2015. Illustrated around 60 children’s books and designed many covers, including for the J.L. Borges and M. Bulgakov series. Collaborates with many publishers, lately illustrating “The Nutcracker and the Mouse King”, “Mysterious Child” and “The Golden Pot” by E.T.A. Hoffman and earlier still, a collection of fairy tale written by Hans Christian Andersen: “The Marsh King’s Daughter” or Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” .

Wojciech Łukowski   >>BID NOW<<

Wojtek Łukowski was born in one of the oldest Polish cities – Lublin. He treats photography as his parallel life. He is a professional marketing specialist dealing with promotion and public relations. At the same time, he creates, composes and studies the surrounding reality with the lens of his camera. For him, the moment of pressing the shutter button is the most important part of creating a photograph. The result is less important; what matters most is capturing a unique fraction of a second. He agrees with the opinion that the best photographs are always taken on the edge of events. The most interesting photos are not those from the centre of events but those from the area surrounding them. He takes his inspiration from the urban atmosphere and observations of everyday life. He materializes his visions both in his artistic activities – by capturing places, people and events in a photographic composition – and in his professional work – by providing services to his customers. Every scene where he is placed influences his style in many ways – depending on the city, environment and local atmosphere. He puts much emphasis on the composition. He also likes playing with associations and understatements. He is an author of 10 photographic albums, and an editor of three photographic albums book presenting the achievements of other photographers.He took part in numerous solo and group exhibitions around the world, including: Barcelona, Venice, Dallas, Stockholm, Paris, Rome, Warsaw, Sevilla, New York, Amsterdam, Los Angeles, Madrid, Miami, Córdoba, Zagreb, Buenos Aires, Graus, Sicily, Hueca, Gdynia. He is collaborating with photographic agency of “Vogue Italia”. As an artist, he is represented by agencies in the United States, Italy and Spain.

Hanna Mancini   >>SEE THE AUCTION<<  SOLD!

Illustrator, crafter, and procrastinator based in Melbourne, Australia. She has been drawing since she could hold a pencil and loves using her hands to create all manner of sweet, strange and interesting things. Hanna runs her own creative label, ‘Hannakin’, which encompasses a range of funny, whimsical bits and bobs she makes.

Katia Muñoz   >>BID NOW<<

I’m a visual artist that exhibit since 1995 in different countries like Peru, USA, Mexico, Sweden, The Netherlands, Greece, Romania, Denmark, Portugal, Belgium, Colombia, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Canada, Poland and Lithuania. Also I’m independent Cultural Management and artivist by the collaborative and participatory art in social projects for the restoration of dignity. I’m interested in new ways to promote Culture and Art through networks and new technologies, in addition to being an intermediary agent interaction to promote multiculturalism and gender issues. I am Founder and Managing Virtual Women’s Collective Art-Essence Project, highlighting the International Mail Art Project about Women exhibited in Spain, Colombia and The Netherlands. I’m Co-founder of Art Gestión Lab+ creating international exhibition projects. Since 2014 I was selected as curator of TINA Prize.

Wiktor Najbor   >>SEE THE AUCTION<<  SOLD!

Born in 1960, painter, graphic artist, illustrator. Creates using many techniques, his paintings are a never ending story, almost novels with their own characters and narrative based on continuous observation of the surrounding world. His great love for aviation is reflected in many of his paintings where aircraft play a preponderant role.

Justyna Neyman



Justyna Neyman, b. 1969 in Warsaw, where she lives and works. She received her higher education certificate from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw where she studied at the Department of Graphics, in the Book Illustrations Atelier of Professor Janusz Stanny (1997). While still a student she began collaborating with advertising agencies, but since 2003 she has devoted herself exclusively to art. Her best known cycles are: Animals, Drawings, Maidens, and lately Duftart. Her works have been presented at numerous exhibitions, including 20 individual exhibitions, among others, in April 2013 painting in the duft art style (Mon Credo Warszawa), in May 2015 – Duftart in Barcelona. She is planning another major foreign exhibition in the spring of 2017. She runs her blog entitled Brulion Malarski, where it is possible to follow the process of creation. She also publishes reviews and essays there.

Zbigniew Tomasz Pągowski   >>SEE THE AUCTION<<  SOLD!

Zbigniew Tomasz Pągowski began his artistic education under the eye of his painter father Zdzisław Pągowski, treating it later as part of a Renaissance attitude toward life. He graduated from the Department of Mechanics, Power Engineering and Aviation at the Warsaw University of Technology, received his doctorate in St. Petersburg and is now working at the Institute of Aviation. Following the death of his father he began deliberately expressing his artistic passions by painting small, elusive notes, as well as large landscapes, still lifes, nudes and portraits. He has developed his own style which should not be pigeonholed because these painting have one thing in common – they are liked by people with different tastes. Viewers are attracted by the delicacy of the colours, but also by the aggressive colour compositions. After all, he comes from Łowicz which is famous for its colourful cut-outs and beautiful folk costumes. His works are in the hands of private collectors in Poland, the USA, New Zealand or Egypt.

ABOUT PAINTING: “Space Breath” (oil, canvass 60x50cm) is an abstract composition emphasising the co-existence of matter, space and the joy of experiencing the colourful world. By turning the painting we can change the mood emanating from it. The picture seems to be drawing a breath from somewhere deep in space, hence the title!

Małgorzata Piasecka-Kozdęba




She graduated from the Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology of the UMCS in Lublin majoring in Visual Arts Education. Arts teacher in a primary school, many years in a junior secondary school. Her works include oil paintings and pen-and-ink drawing. She had had several exhibitions. The topics of her works are highly diverse. She paints pictures and creates drawings for interiors, on specific requests. However, she creates art mostly for herself, treating this as a form of self-therapy. Lately, angels and tiny figures started appearing in her works. They make her look at the world from a child’s perspective. She is searching for ways of expression allowing her to release good emotions, positive energy, joy, simple reflection… Selected works can be seen in the Internet galleries: Touch of Art and artMakers.

Marcin  Piwowarski   >>BID NOW<<

Born in Kielce in 1972. Book illustrator with 22 years of experience. Father of three, bringing up his children on his own for the last few years. Illustrated over 1,000 books. Lately, mainly foreign books. Likes classic illustration, his idol is Marcin Szancer.

Gediminas Pranckevičius   >>SEE THE AUCTION<<  SOLD!

He was born in Panevezys, a small town in Lithuania. His first art seeds were planted in childhood while visiting his uncle, who had a lot of unfinished oil paintings and where he was constantly surrounded by the smell of oil paint. He also used to visit the drama theatre a lot due to the fact that his grandmother was a ticket taker there. He can still remember the details of the plays where the actors would come out of the dark in the dramatic lighting. His mother worked as administrator at the orchestra and the mask theatre for children. These environments created the perfect starting point for his creative career. He was not a high achiever at school but truly loved to draw, leading him to join an art school and later enrol at an art academy, where he elected the fresco specialty because there were a lot of girls and somebody had to mix the plaster. Straight after finishing his master’s degree, he found a job in cinema theatre. This was not his ideal job in line with his training, which is why he quit this job involving designing advertising brochures and flash banners, to pursue his genuine passion. He gets his inspiration from old master paintings, digital art, Life, Music, and Silence. When He works, He tries to live with the idea, not hurry, and listen to a genre of music that will help him get into the desired mood. He is very pleased when the viewer feels the same emotions when looking at his work. Well as far as the art process itself, there is nothing new – sketches, compositions, larger forms, smaller forms, lighting, colours, detalisation.

Fatinha Ramos  >>BID NOW<<

Fatinha is Portuguese illustrator based in Antwerp. After her graduation as a graphic designer in Porto, she moved to Belgium in 2001, where she started her professional career as an art director in advertisement agencies. Working for national campaigns, she developed a strong capacity to analyse and visualise abstract concepts. In 2013, she decided to become a full time illustrator, an obvious choice. Open-minded and full of creative somersaults, she tears down all the classic conventions avoiding the dangerous pitfalls of clichés. Instead, she takes us on a journey through her poetic imaginary world of singular textures and rich colour pallet. Her strong, conceptual artistic illustrations and surreal compositions create a emotive, fascinating and unique universe that goes beyond borders. Answering the call from several international magazines, she has opened the door to her fantasy realm. Fatinha has worked her magic on books, covers, posters, press articles, advertising, animation, children’s and pedagogical illustrations and diverse personal projects. As recognition, she has a “Merit” and two “Honourable Mentions” in 3×3 Professional Illustrators Award in New York.

Leyla Safa   >>SEE THE AUCTION<<  SOLD!

Leyla was born in Tehran (Iran) to a talented family. Her father was both a painter and a poet. She has liked painting since childhood. When Leyla was twenty-five years old, she began to take painting seriously and worked persistently to improve her skills. She continued painting that way for about thirteen years until she understood that what she really wanted to paint were the images from her dreams.

Catherine Suchocka   >>BID NOW<<

Born in Białystok but has been living in France for the last 20 years. Possesses dual citizenship: Polish and French. After finishing school at the State Visual Arts School in Supraśl, she moved to Paris, France. She completed her arts school with honours (Prix Trajectoire). Graduated from École Supérieure des Arts Modernes de Paris, faculty: graphic design and illustration. She currently lives in the Ile-de-France region, in the picturesque town on the Seine, Triel sur Seine. She has tutored students for many in: graphics, typography and creativity, at her former school of art. She is also a coordinator of the first year of studies. This work enables her to develop two of her other passions: illustration and painting. Kasia has been drawing and painting since her youngest childhood. Creation is her true passion! In the time between her lectures, she paints, illustrates, draws, does cut-outs and collages. She has also been collaborating for several years now with French publishers, illustrating children’s books, the titles of which include: “Thumbelina” by H.Ch. Andersen / book with CD (Fr. Les Éditions des Braques), “My Lullaby’s” book with CD, “Puss in Boots and Little Red Riding Hood” (Fr. Tom Pousse et Une Histoire d’Enfant). Also creates made-to-order illustrations within her freelance work, mainly: special occasions cards, folder illustrations, badges and emblems, catalogues, and websites. Her clients include: Siemens, Delanchy Transports, La Poste, Schlumberger, FHP-Vîleda, Johnson& Johnson, BP, Fr. Institut Français de Gestion, French Ministry of Labour, French Federation of Tennis. Two main prizes in the competition for the creation and execution of posters for the ATP Tennis Tournament: “Open de Paris -Bercy” and “Masters de Paris-Bercy”. She has been presenting her creations at solo exhibitions as well as at salons and collective exhibitions both in France and other countries in Europe as well as in America (USA – New York City / Cork Gallery in the Lincoln Center). Her works can be found in many private and corporate collections of such companies as Siemens France and Delanchy Transports. The artist draws her inspiration from the observation of the world and of people and nature in everyday life. All her creations are characterised by magnitude of colours and decorative graphic elements. Her works transpose the viewer into a colourful reality, detaching them from the grey and mundane everyday life. The artist harnesses a whole spectrum of techniques in her work. The plethora of technical solutions translates into a varied style of her works, which have one common denominator – boldness of colours!

Sarah-Jane Szikora   >>SEE THE AUCTION<<  SOLD!

„In life, we are lucky if we find our true calling”. Sarah-Jane was born in County Durham, UK in 1971. She discovered her calling while she was in hospital at the age of four. With one eye bandaged following surgery, she held a crayon in her hand and, despite the obvious handicap, spent her time drawing pictures. Encouraged by her English mother and Hungarian father, Sarah-Jane attended art school and specialised in illustration and has worked as a freelance artist since 1991. Exaggerated figures feature as the main subjects in her artwork. Each painting offers an insight into the artist’s world, delivered with a quirkiness and wit that makes Sarah-Jane’s work instantly recognizable. Commenting on her fat and thin figures, she says, “There is an obsession in our society about appearance; everyone is on a diet or opting for cosmetic improvements. Why is it that we dislike ourselves so much? She should know, after living with an eating disorder from her teens to her early thirties, there was plenty to consider. Despite finally leaving this unhappy condition behind, the legacy of that disorder is plainly visible right through her art, the distorted bodies, tiny heads, a deep fascination for food and our relationship with it. At first glance, Sarah-Jane’s art can appear carefree, but scratch the surface and you will soon discover that her work offers a thoughtfulness about the human condition that first appearances may sometimes betray. “My objective is to find the common thread that connects us and I hope that empathy is at the heart of my work”. Galleries across the UK and overseas have supported Sarah-Jane’s art; it has also been successfully exhibited in solo shows, reproduced as limited edition prints, books, sculptures, Royal Worcester ceramics, and more.

Małgorzata Wiśniewska   >>BID NOW<<

My painting adventure began less than 10 years ago. I am not a trained artist. Painting was my childhood dream. I began with watercolours. For this reason my favourite painting technique is one where colours interfuse with each other. Later, I tried my hand at oil and acrylic painting, producing my first acrylic abstracts and oil landscapes. Now, I again try my hand at acrylic collage.

Michelle Wolinski   >>SEE THE AUCTION<<  SOLD!

Misha Wolinski is an international artist active both on the local and international market. She attended the school of Fine Arts in Paris – section painting and sculpture. After that, she continued her search, creating textile sculptures on material and textures. In 1991 – 2002, she worked on research and abstraction, after that, she returned towards figurative art. Since 2002, he has had numerous exhibitions in Paris, Belgium and Canadian galleries. At present, she has several exhibitions open in France.

Alicja Wysocka   >>SEE THE AUCTION<<  SOLD!

She studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków, School of Design and Crafts in Göteborg and Vrije Universiteit in Brussels. She graduated in Cognitive Science and Philosophy of the Mind at the Jan Paweł II Papal University in Kraków. She received her degree at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań, with an annexe from Mirosław Bałka. She has taken part in numerous workshops, projects and artistic collaborations.

Jubilee Aviation Calendar  



On the occasion of the 90th anniversary, the Institute of Aviation has invited artists from all over the world to create a limited edition of Jubilee Calendars. The works submitted refer to the topic of aviation. Each drawing has its own, unique style, ranging from conceptual to surreal compositions.


Anka Olej-Kobus





Anka Olej-Kobus – „PippiAnna” blogger, a co-writer at the „Mały Podróżnik” website, works actively for the local community in the Włochy district of Warsaw.

QUITAPENAS – “worry dolls”

When the children of the Maya Indians have a problem or if they are afraid of something, they hide quitapenas dolls under their pillows so that they can take the sorrows away.

According to the tradition of the Mayans, who inhabited the Guatemala plateau, when the children were afraid or they couldn’t sleep because of the nightmares, they were told to tell the dolls about their worries before they go to bed. Then the dolls should be put under the pillow and in the morning all the problems would disappear.

These dolls come from fair trade and were made by women in Guatemala, who, in this way, can pay for their children’s education.


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