Dear Sirs,

since August 2013 I have had the pleasure of managing the Center of Space Technologies (CST) at the Institute of Aviation.

CST has been created in order to conduct the research in the areas of: air propulsions, space technologies and data processing.

Center currently consists of four laboratories: Space Technologies Team, Aircraft Propulsion Laboratory, Laboratory of Propellants and Data Processing Team. In each of them work research teams composed of highly qualified specialists.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Center of Space Technologies, thanks to the laboratory and personnel backup is able to offer a wide range of technology development in the field such as: rocket engines systems, observing the earth’s surface, analysis and processing of aquired images or new materials.

Among the plans of the Center will also be activities for extension of activities of: participate in the construction of satellite observation, including stabilizing systems, product development integrating the use of navigation, observation and satellite communications.

Another priorities of the Center will be to build the ground segment and space for access to satellite communications. In turn, in terms of the Space Situational Awareness, Center of Space Technologies puts itself the goal of gaining access to the results of observation, whereas in the field of aerial and satellite imagery – to develop products as acceptable sources of information for security, crisis management and environmental monitoring. You are cordially invited to cooperate with the Center of Space Technologies at the Institute of Aviation, all of You interested in topics related to space technology and related areas.


Yours sincerely,

Director of Center of Space Technologies

Leszek Loroch, Ph.D. Eng.

Our website adress: www.ctkpolska.pl