Aerofestival – on air show from the backstage


On 28-29 May 2016, the international air show AEROFESTIVAL was held at Poznań-Ławica airport. The spectators could see nearly 720 minutes of shows performed by over 50 aircraft and helicopters. Aerobatic performances by groups and soloists on jet planes from Poland and abroad were the most popular.

Over the course of  two days the event brought together tens of thousands of spectators. The organization of such an event is a huge logistical undertaking. It was a great success thanks to the work of dozens of people – both professionals and volunteers. The tech unit was weighed by a particularly responsible task of ground handling of the machines participating in the demonstrations. Refuelling gas, oils and paraffin to tracers, airport service supply, laying out taxiways, organization of the static exhibition, ongoing maintenance and minor repairs, and many other tasks rested on the shoulders of the technical team. That’s why the core of the team and its leadership was the people who work every day at the Institute of Aviation in Laboratory of Technology Demonstrators – Krzysztof Błasiak and Martyna Dębowska.

Photo credits: Krzysztof Błasiak, Maciej Manowski, Martyna Dębowska, Mieczysław Tyburski



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